About Us

The Bristol Cookhouse Family

I’m Sam Waterhouse. Professional chef, nutritionist and owner of the Bristol Cookhouse.

Cooking is in my genes. My great-grandfather was a master baker and confectioner in Bristol and I spent my summer holidays baking and exploring his amazing veggie garden. At the weekends I’d watch my parents experiment in the kitchen, as they served up exotic treats like bouillabaisse and osso buco for weekend suppers.

So when I was presented with a knife roll and backpack for my 18th birthday, I didn’t hesitate and set off travelling and cooking around the world. It was an exhilarating time; summers in Ibiza, winters in the Caribbean and hopping from yacht to private mooring to cook for celebrity clients.

The transatlantic lifestyle took its toll and I realised the impact that nutritious food has on our wellbeing. In between travelling I studied for a Masters in Food Science and Nutrition and worked with the food development team at Marks & Spencer. It was this experience with mass food production that confirmed my passionate belief in real, healthy, sustainable food.

I moved to London to work with award-winning Trish Hilferty at The Fox on Old Street, where I learnt to cook properly from nose to tail. Since then I’ve continued work as a private nutritional chef, preparing healthy, appealing meals for celebrities in the music and fashion industries.

Having now spent 30 years cooking around the world, my ethos behind the Bristol Cookhouse is to give back some of what I’ve learnt. As a busy working mum, I’m all too aware of the convenience food we’re exposed to every day. Along with other renowned chefs at the Cookhouse, I’m really excited to share our philosophy of eating well: Real, nutritional, home-cooked food with a feel-good factor.