Food Studio

Our Food Studio

It’s what Bristol chefs tell us they’ve been looking for. A multi-purpose space available to rent for educational workshops, healthy cookery classes, photography and filming. Aside from a chef’s kitchen, the room is stripped back with removable furniture, so you can make the space your own. It’s even equipped for training and workshops!

Who can rent the food studio?

Whether you’re a sushi chef, an organic butcher, a raw chocolatier, a pad Thai expert, a vegan connoisseur or a French charcutier, and you want to host cookery demonstrations or workshops, our food studio provides a backdrop that will make your food sing.

The Bristol Cookhouse was designed by chef, Sam Waterhouse, who’s faced the same dilemmas as you when searching for a studio to rent. So you know it’s going to tick all the boxes: bright and airy, pristinely clean and with all the modern equipment to showcase your food and inspire your cheflings.

Video walkthrough of our Food Studio